The Tao of the Guy Online

The guy has no goal, only the Tao.

‘The Tao of the Guy’ is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game that will act as a time machine for you, immersing you in the atmosphere of 1990s Russia. The collapse of the USSR, a challenging economic situation, prompt self-reliant teenagers to form groups where strict laws of interaction with society prevail – ‘Guy Concepts’. The word of a guy is a street oath, a guarantee of a promise, upheld by the reputation and sometimes the health of one’s honesty. Guys with high testosterone levels await fights of all kinds: ‘One on One,’ ‘Ruckus,’ ‘Wall-to-Wall.’ Between fights, you can play backgammon, checkers, chess, and for the most ambitious guys, there’s ‘City Capture’ – all this ensures you won’t get bored in the combat meta-universe of ‘The Tao of the Guy’!

"One on One" PVP Fighting

One on One

This dynamic PvP battle with real guys from different countries. On the online arena, you'll face your fears head-on, and the battle's outcome will depend solely on your courage, cunning, and talent. Just like in a street fight, besides strength and health, you'll need to consider endurance - without it, there won't be enough energy for strikes. This opens up significant opportunities for tactical battle planning. Play smart: wear out the opponent using distance and traps, neutralize damage with blocks, then seize the moment to defeat the weary enemy. Or initiate the battle right away with a devastating attack to knock the opponent off their feet. Develop your unique fighting style: be the one who demolishes everything in your path, the unpredictable ninja, the brave gladiator, or the clever provocateur. The game features standard hand strikes from boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, Muay Thai, MMA: jab, straight, uppercut, hooks, and double-hand strikes. There are also kicks: front kicks, roundhouse kicks, side kicks, low kicks, knee strikes, throws. There are strikes, obtained by watching ads: high kicks, tornado kicks with the left and right leg. Combinations such as 'triple threat,' 'superman punch,' 'slicing fist,' 'dragon flight,' 'epic combo,' and 'scissors' that you may have seen in MMA. Victory in this game is a mixture of aggression and endurance, tactics and cunning, strength and health, reaction and the ability to sense distance. It's not just a fight - it's a real battle for survival with a victorious fatality and valuable rewards! Show everyone who the guy is here, and who's just a pretender."

"Brawl" Mass Battle


This is an exciting game where there are 10 minutes of real madness! Here, every player is on their own, and points are awarded for each destroyed opponent. But it's not just about the quantity here; other factors come into play. The two most insightful and nimble players can acquire a knife and a bat, which deal more serious damage than regular hand attacks. This provides an advantage in battle and becomes the key to victory. They become true kings of the asphalt! Players must survive in this realm of chaos and adrenaline; they must show resilience and cleverness to stay afloat in this unbridled chaos. This game is full of challenges and opportunities to showcase your skills and agility. Survival instincts are sharpened in " Brawl ", and only the strongest and smartest can compete with the rest. This fighting becomes a new word in battles and becomes a sort of challenge for all who dare to participate. But ultimately, it gives an opportunity to show what you are capable of in a crazy fight, where adrenaline and endless struggle for survival reign.

"City Capture" Strategy

City Capture

This is a game where you are to become a real master of the streets! By gathering your allies, you set out to conquer the city, shaking it through stealth and striking fear in lenders and hawkers. Alternatively, you can begin to expand your influence by seizing residential homes and commercial buildings, gradually increasing your passive income. Once the building is in your hands, appoint your people to maintain order and protect your property, as there will always be adversaries willing to encroach on your real estate. In this game, your hero will require not only brute force but also your diplomatic finesse. You will need to negotiate with neighbors, form alliances, and perhaps play a double game to create intricate schemes leading to complete dominance of the city. And remember, there is no place for the faint-hearted here - only the most cunning, smart, and brave can conquer the top!

"Wall-to-Wall" PVP

"Wall-to-Wall" mass battle

This is an engaging game where teams are divided into two factions: red and blue, and a grand battle ensues. Players from the red team face off against players from the blue team. There's no place for fear or hesitancy here, only unwavering trust in your team comrades. The arena becomes a chaotic and adrenaline-filled battle. Only the most agile, enduring, and skilled fighters will survive. The game's objective is simple: only the team with surviving players can declare themselves the winner. Here, skill, tactics, and collective work become key elements. Courage, resolve, and unity are the qualities that will help your team prevail in this crazy skirmish. Are you ready to take up the challenge and show the strength of your spirit in this magnificent battle "Wall-to-Wall"?

Online Mini Games

Online Mini Games

The "Mini Games" section offers players the opportunity to relax and unwind after intense battles on the arena. Here, you can play tabletop games such as checkers, chess, or backgammon to stretch your mind, enhance tactical thinking, and enjoy mental preparation before the next challenge. Furthermore, you can test your skills in the captivating game "Balls," where your agility and precision become decisive. Compete with your opponent to see who can shoot the ball into the hole faster and enjoy the friendly atmosphere of laughter and joy from victory. In our "Mini Games" section, you will find diverse opportunities for relaxation and entertainment suitable for all players, regardless of their preferences and interests.

Card Games

The "Card Games" section offers exciting gaming possibilities for card game enthusiasts. Here, you can immerse yourself in the world of popular card games such as blackjack, fool, bur, and many others. Prepare for thrilling matches, develop strategic thinking, enhance your skills, and enjoy intellectual challenges. In our "Card Games" section, you will find a wide selection of games to suit every taste and level of complexity, designed for solo play as well as competitions with other players.


"Backgammon" is an engaging game that combines strategy, tactics, and luck. Nowadays, "Backgammon" is popular both in the real world and in the virtual realm. The game is played on a special board where each player has 15 checkers. The goal of the game is to move all your checkers through the opponent's field and remove them from the board. To do this, you need to make moves according to the dice rolls, adding an element of chance to the game. "Backgammon" requires players to have a good strategy, analytical thinking, the ability to anticipate the opponent's moves, and luck. The game can be fast-paced and dynamic, or deep and thoughtful, depending on the players' style of play and tactics. "Backgammon" offers a chance for players to have an engaging time, competing with friends or against the computer, and enjoy moments of joy from victory or learn from their mistakes in case of failure.

Checkers and Chess

The "Checkers and Chess" section provides a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of tabletop strategic games. Here, you can enjoy matches in classic checkers, where the ability to anticipate the opponent's moves and strategic thinking play a crucial role. Additionally, intriguing chess matches await you, where each move requires deep analysis and tactical mastery. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of exciting battles, develop your skills, and enjoy the thrill of the fight for victory in classic tabletop games.


This is an exciting game where two players compete against each other, aiming to be the first to shoot the ball into the hole. Each player has the opportunity to make a throw, fixing the angle and force of the throw in two stages. The first screen tap fixes the throw angle, the second determines the force and directly executes the throw. The "Balls" game offers unique opportunities for participants to demonstrate precision, tactics, and accuracy. Try to find the optimal combination of angle and force of the throw to land your ball in the hole before your opponent. This game not only provides entertainment but also demands good reaction and precision skills.

Customize Your Character!


Character customization is your opportunity to express yourself in the gaming world. Feel like a style influencer by creating a unique look for your hero. Modify the appearance by choosing from a variety of hairstyles, faces, makeup. Choose your clothing style - from classic to sporty, from a medical gown to a police uniform. Furthermore, character customization can influence their in-game characteristics. Modify skills, appearance, and even behavior of your character in the game. Create a character to your liking and play style to feel more involved on a new level. In the world of customization, everyone can find something to suit their taste. Feel free to choose and emphasize your individuality in the gaming world!

New Friends Block


In our game, you will immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the real 90s Russia. Here, neither mischief nor fun will be censored! Each player is a living encyclopedia of funny stories, and the global party will be a unique opportunity to make friends worldwide, exchange rare items and jokes in our global chat. Join us to meet new "guys," have a laugh together, and create unforgettable impressions right here, in our adrenaline-filled game where holding back is not necessary!

Clans and Clan Wars


Dear guys and girls! Welcome to the uncompromising world of clan battles and guyhood showdowns! Here, you will find a unique environment to develop your skills and courage, and the feast will be a place for important negotiations and brotherly gatherings. It's not just a game here; it's a true brotherly alliance! Let's together create a lawful world where friendship and solidarity become our most important keys to success!


Fashion Store

"The Fashion Store" is your dream home for shopping and gearing up for adventures! Here you will find everything you can imagine: from trendy clothing and comfortable bedding to a variety of boosters, weapons, and additional strikes. Our assortment will satisfy the demands of the most discerning customers, whether it's stylish outfits for brilliant outings or powerful boosters to enhance your abilities, everything you need for successful adventures and everyday life is here. Welcome to the "Universal Emporium" - your universal path to style, power, and comfort!

Personal Location Setting


A secluded space where your character finds solace, arranges their own corner, and gears up for a successful life in the world of adventures. Here, you can hang posters and also dry socks and underwear, giving them unique buffs to strength, health, and stamina. In our emporium, you will find a variety of bedding for comfortable rest and recharging before new challenges. Speaking of hospitality: "Bed" provides you the opportunity to peek into other players' worlds, evaluate their style and coziness, and also like their sleeping place, affecting their popularity. Here, everyone will find something special: from cozy rooms to chic interiors. Welcome to the "Bed" - a place for rest, inspiration, and creativity!

Come Join Us!

And now, ladies and gentlemen, it’s the perfect time to install “The Guy’s Path Online”! Immerse yourself in the world of excitement, guy’s cunning, and incredible adventures. Download our game for free and get ready for fun and vibrant experiences! Don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in this guy’s kaleidoscope – download it on Android or iOS and embark on your journey without hesitation!

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